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Onondaga County Green Separation

Work included the installation of a Stormtech system, diverting thousands of gallons of storm-water per year out of the Onondaga County sewer system and back into the ground, mimicking the natural water cycle. Also, an existing pond was restructured, eliminating an ongoing flooding problem. Meanwhile two large retention ponds were constructed to store and slow release large rain events.

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Marcellus Construction Co., Inc. is a locally owned business in Adams, NY which specializes in many forms of infrastructure, including open cut and trenchless installation of any size diameter pipe. Our area of service extends across much of Upstate New York, including the cities of Watertown, Oswego, Syracuse and Utica and many of the surrounding smaller communities. Our employees reside all over the region, from St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Oswego, Onondaga and Oneida Counties. We are a proud supporter of American Troops and Service Men and Women.

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